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Dec 03/2014:   Wishing you all a wonderful Music Season! Please check Sir's season calendar under the Schedule tab and feel free to attend them if you can make it!
Sep 10/2014:   Namasthe everyone. It is long time since i wrote in this desk. I wish to introduce to you Mr.K.S.Krishna one of my student who has kindly agreed to be my co-ordinator for all my music related activities. His mail id is neyvelihelpdesk@gmail.com. You may contact him for any of your enquiries henceforth.Best wishes.Neyveli anbudan.
May 19/2014:   Here is an opportunity to students in Chennai, for learning! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx8_5RT_X5CpTkZfNFpaS3dGN29Hb2lUVHZXNDh1bkZzT2pR/edit?usp=sharing
Jan 23/2014:   Hindu review again: Go To Website
Jan 16/2014:   The hindu review of my recent academy season Go To Website
Jan 09/2014:   Happy new year to one and all. My recent lec dem got a Go To Website
Dec 31/2013:   WISHING YOU ALL A GRAND 2014
Dec 19/2013:   We invite you all to the Neyveli Gurukulam Festival in which many of my students from around the world will be performing. Dec 23rd and 24th at Arkay Convention Center, Mylapore from 9am to 8.30pm. Please see detailed schedule in the URL below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx8_5RT_X5CpenprY1E0VlU0T00/edit?usp=sharing
Dec 08/2013:   My season concert schedule 2013-14 below https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9CCTzBFrN91ZGZMRHFwd19vV1U/edit?usp=sharing
Dec 07/2013:   Go To Website
Nov 01/2013:   Happy DeepavaLi and Dishithar Jayanthi! Here is my gift for Deepaavali to all of you.the new krithi Meenakshi memudam dehi taught.AUM.
Oct 24/2013:   Friends, I can see many of you are downloading lessons.happy about it.but I would like to receive your learnt versions also promptly.please try to send your learnt versions through voxer..of course,some students are regularly sending their lessons..my congratulations to them.
Oct 24/2013:   Namasthe..now in the US for judging the carnatic idol event..will be back at Chennai by the 1 st of November.
Oct 16/2013:   Friends,am now touring in the US..will be back in chennai by the end of this month. A tip for your practice..do akaram daily atleast for ten minutes..that will make your voice facile.
Oct 13/2013:   Wishing you all a very very Happy Vijayadas'ami. May the Guru Sishya tradition and bondage get stronger and beautiful!
Aug 28/2013:   Namasthe friends, If anybody is coming to india please let me know by mail or phone immediately.i have a request to make to you,that is why.thanks.Meyveli Anbudan.
Aug 16/2013:   Namasthe friends,i have uploaded a new lesson in arabhi,the krithi,Chuthamu raare by Thayagaraja swamy. Has been recorded in shruthi A..i have given notations wherever necessary.I recommend you writing down the notation with thaaLam so that you will acquire more swara gnana.happy learning.
Aug 09/2013:   Good morning from Chennai,a new thillana has been recorded.will send the lyrics today.happy learning.
Aug 04/2013:   Dear students, I feel happy that many students are learning the elessons and sending me their recorded versions through mail and Voxer app.in Voxer,it is easy for me to send the corrections then and there..so I stongly recommend sending the learnt versions through Voxer.thank you.Neyveli anbudan.
Jul 17/2013:   Namasthe.I will be at Australia from today to the 30 th of this month. If anybody needs a new lesson let me know..i will post.neyveli anbudan.
Jun 29/2013:   Dear friends, Here is the link page for the Yuva Sangeetha Lahari organisation,NJ. http://yuvasangeethalahari.com/
Jun 29/2013:   Dear students, Now in Bay area. Had a fulfilling teaching session with the New Jersey kids last week.
Jun 19/2013:   Friends,i am happy to share with you all that my student Srividya Ramnath,a Bangalore based artist has been awarded A grade by the All India Radio and another student Jayakrishnan Unni has been awarded a B grade.my hearty congratulations to both of them.
Jun 19/2013:   Namasthe.i reached New Jersey today and there is going to be an workshop and events for a group of advanced learners.
May 27/2013:   Namasthe,friends.. Hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation ; i am happy to shre with you that i have some of my online students from Karnataka( Madikkeri brothers and Neha Bhashyam) from Karnataka and a couple of students from Chennai learning from me at My Ramapuram home for a week's time. Neyveli anbudan.
May 17/2013:   Go To Website
Apr 26/2013:   Dear friends, I have recorded a new lesson which will be uploaded by tomorrow evening.the krithi is KOTI NADULU in the raga THODI
Apr 07/2013:   Namasthe.I wish to share with all of you our joy and happiness on this day,our wedding silver jubilee day.we have spiritual activities happening at home.and of course,bhojan with disciples,friends and relatives.you are also most welcome.Neyveli anbudan.
Apr 05/2013:   6th April 2013. Namasthe.i am back yesterday at Chennai from the Cleveland trip.hope to upload some solid lessons shortly. NEYVELI ANBUDAN
Apr 02/2013:   Namasthe everyone..had a fulfilling trip in the US with concerts in San Diego and Cleveland.will reach Chennai on the 5 th night
Mar 07/2013:   Namasthe.will be reaching San Diego on the 21 st of march.and will be at cleveland from the 2 7 th to april 4 th...if i get a local number there at US, ..i will post it here.
Mar 03/2013:   Was in Singapore last week for the Assosciation Alapana.There I could feel a rich atmosphere for our karnatic music with so many students learning from senior vidwans and vidushis teachers.the pancharathnam goshti ganam was a fulfilling experience.
Mar 03/2013:   Namasthe. I will be in the US from the 20 th of March to the 4 th of April.mainly i will be at Cleveland festival. May not be able to give any classes through skype till that time as i have to practise Veena for the two concerts i have there.thanks.
Feb 09/2013:   Friends,hope you could download the madhyamavathy lesson without any hassle.i will upload the meaning and raga lakshaNa files in due course.how far you have learnt the krithi?
Feb 04/2013:   Friends,will be going to Karnataka for a health rejenuvation camp.will positively try to record a new lesson from there and upload.BEST WISHES.
Feb 02/2013:   Friends, A request please;Those who seek admission into this net learning programme may please apply if and only if they are students,teachers and performers of music.Thank you.
Jan 31/2013:   Madhyamavathy lesson Saravanabhava guhane is uploaded in full now for any student wishing to download/learn from it.
Jan 30/2013:   friends, A happy Thyagaraja Aradhana to you all. i am back from Thiruvaiyaru. today,there is a concert of mine at Venus colony,Asthika Samajam,Chennai/ the theme will be VAGGEYAKKARAS AND RAMA. Singing or listening to Pancharathnams today will be an apt way to remember the saint and show our gratitude to his gift of divine music to this entire world.
Jan 29/2013:   Friends,I am heading to Thiruvaiyaru tonight for my musical homage to Thyagaraja. I have uploaded a new lesson in Madhyamavathi,the krithi S'aravana Bhava Guhane by Papanasam Sri.Sivan. only the pallavi is uploaded.you can expect the other files one by one. enjoy learning.
Jan 26/2013:   Friends, A warm welcome to you all. I thank with all my heart and sincerity Mrs.Padma Mohan of Bay area who is the soul and the sole reason for this website to blossom; with her untiring spirits and painstaking efforts in a selfless manner, she has made it happen.
Jan 25/2013:   Dear students/rasikas, We are almost done with the development of this website and are in the process of testing. Please bear with us a few more days before you try the download options. Thank you, Padma Mohan (on behalf of Neyveli Sir)