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May 19/2014
   Here is an opportunity to students in Chennai, for learning! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx8_5RT_X5CpTkZfNFpaS3dGN29Hb2lUVHZXNDh1bkZzT2pR/edit?usp=sharing
Jan 23/2014
   Hindu review again: Go to website
Jan 16/2014
   The hindu review of my recent academy season Go to website

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Talam:   Rupakam 2 kalai
Composer:   papanas'am sivan
Talam:   Khandajathi triputa talam
Composer:   Rudrapatnam Venkataramanayya
Talam:   Adi
Composer:   Thyagaraja
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